About Us


In November 2009, Sam Cheeney and Sasha Alsop bought a 90-acre organic farm on a salt marsh in Milbridge, Maine.   Sam's family homesteaded in New Hampshire and he grew up surrounded by fresh food.  Sasha worked on a couple of farms and loved being outside in the gardens.  Together they decided to start Salty Dog Farm.  They primarily grow organic seed garlic.  They both fell in love with growing organic garlic because they love the taste of it and the ease of growing it.  They are also committed to a sustainable lifestyle through small, organic farming.  In addition, they raise organic vegetables for themselves.  With the arrival of their two kids, the farm is in full swing!  
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Give us a call at (207)546-2676 or email us at saltydogfarm@gmail.com if you have any questions or need more information about our garlic.